Early Years

Lessons for the Early Years

Research has long supported the benefits of music to encourage communication, social interaction and generally promote feelings of well-being. It has been proven that Music enhances the brain and develops good focus at an early age.

We encourage children from the age of 4. Our specific course designed for this age group is a great introduction to the piano or keyboard.

Teachers make the lessons fun and enjoyable with reward stickers for encouragement. Scales are used from the outset with a homework diary and course book to follow between lessons.

Grade books are used when experienced enough. This helps start the concentration of musical pieces. These are not mandatory but do encourage good patterns to get into.

Singing can really help to build confidence. Using different activities and approaches to teach the techniques involved in singing can also provide health benefits such as improvement in speech of children. It has been documented that children can develop their English skills using lyrics to songs.

Under 16 years

£17.00 per 30 minutes

£34.00 per 60 minutes

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£18.00 per 30 minutes

£36.00 per 60 minutes

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