Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons

Playing the drums offers a wealth of benefits and teaches a wide range of skills.

The main role of a drummer is to keep musicians in time with each other, therefore developing the ability to focus and maintain a beat as well as improving concentration. A drummer is the bedrock of a band!

Learning to play the drums is also great exercise for the whole body, and very therapeutic. Drumming improves co-ordination and is great fun! Drums are a musical instrument therefore like any other musician drummers learn how to read music, how to tune drums, how to balance different sound levels and to play interesting fills.

Our teachers offer tuition to exam level, or if you just want to play in a band are quite happy to teach beats and fills for any song.

Under 16 years

£16.00 per 30 minutes

£32.00 per 60 minutes

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£17.00 per 30 minutes

£34.00 per 60 minutes

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