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Vocal Lessons

A professional qualified CRB checked teacher will support each individual for either 30 or 60 minute lessons.

Our lessons are designed to help each student develop their own style creating a voice personal to them. Breathing, placement, posture and exercise are just a few of the techniques to be used in a lesson.

We encourage students to learn about musical terms; understand the arrangement of the song and emotions behind the lyrics.

Trying to make each student comfortable whilst listening to their voice can be a shock the first time they hear themselves. We like to make a recording in the early stages and every month thereafter to give feedback and support on how much they are improving.

Backing tracks and CD's are used throughout the lesson as well as traditional piano backing. We currently have 5000 tracks to choose from!

The most important thing is that each student has the chance to explore a range of pieces to expand their skills and identify their aims, making each lesson individual and personal to them.





Vocal Lessons