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Theory of Music and Exams

Theory of Music 

Any musician or singer needs to understand theory of music, either by studying alongside an instrument or as an individual subject.

If you imagine building a house with no foundations, it would not stand up. So, we need good footings upon which to build our musical talents on.

Students can start as a beginner or come in at any grade. Exploring theory leads to lots of fundamentals and we create exercises to improve musical recognition.

We offer 1-1 lessons or as a group.

We use Trinity or ABRSM books to support all aspects of theory classes, and aim to make it fun. The books are easy to use with the support of a good quilified instructor.

Examinations are also available if required.


Every year we hold 1 or 2 exam sittings for every subject that we teach. We are fortunate to have the examiners from Trinity College, London come to our premises as we have so many enter for exams. 

We have had a 100% pass rate in all but one of our sittings with many students gaining distinctions, which is a great achievement record. It's great to pass your grade, but you also learn and achieve a lot while studying for the exam and should gain extra confidence throughout the studies. 

Our youngest student to take a grade was a little girl called Georgia who passed grade 1 singing at the age of 6. 

We also offer teachers' diplomas which Jenny trains all her staff with. UCAS points are awarded with Trinity College for grade 6 and above for all those moving onto university.