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Keyboard and Piano Lessons

We take children from the age of 5 so they have a understanding of the basic phonics and use of 1-5 number skills. 

Making the lesson fun and enjoyable with reward stickers is always an encouragement. Scales are used from the outset with a homework diary and course book to follow between lessons. Grade books are used when experienced enough. This helps start the concentrations of musicial pieces. These are not mandatory, but encourage good patterns to get into. 

We like to keep this a secret, but once achieved, tell them how well they are doing and maybe enter for an exam! (this again is not compulsory). 

We like to offer a simple, well known song as a hobby song. This keeps the interest alive and is used for practise during the week. Again, rewards for practise at home work really well. Several different course books are available from beginner to advanced, including an Oxford University course. Other style books are also available and have a CD to practise with. 

Examinations are available if required.

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Keyboard and Piano Lessons