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Keyboard and Piano Lessons

We take children from the age of 5 so they have a understanding of the basic phonics and use of 1-5 number skills. (See Infant Years page)

We welcome adults of any age or standard. We currently have as many adults as children enrolled with us. Learning a new hobby is proven to keep the brain active and using your fingers will help prevent arthritic conditions. There are different options available for courses depending on your style and ability. Weekly lessons are more beneficial and keeps the continuity going.  

We like to offer a simple, well known song as a hobby song as you progress.. This keeps the interest alive and is used for practise during the week. Several different course books are available from beginner to advanced, including an Oxford University course. Other style books are also available and have a CD to practise with. 

Examinations are available if required.

Book your lesson now and unlock your potential.

Keyboard and Piano Lessons